Allow me to introduce myself. My name is David Gawlik, I am an IT consultant and the designer and administrator of the buddyandveronica.com website.

Veronica McGlothlin sent me the itinerary for their trip to California to post on the web site. It scheduled Buddy and Veronica to minister at Victory Life Center in Modesto, California,  and she invited me to attend.

My first thought was, “This is great! I know where Victory Life Center is, it’s my friend Dan’s church and I need to be there. It will be great to meet the people I have been working for all these months.” [Read More…]


There are 3, so I’ll start with my Dad. My doctor, who is a family friend and familiar with my Dad’s case, (He actually read his blood work for me, so we could get a more personal opinion that we could trust) said my Dad had 10 times the inflammation in his blood than what he’d normally find in an arthritis patient and that aside from a miracle from God, [Read More…]


Hi Veronica,

I wanted to thank you for being such an example in my life. I have to tell you, I have desired to make a difference in the lives of others for a long time now and I am so glad God put you in my path as an inspiration and someone that I can look to who walks in true obedience. I have never had a chance to tell you about a miracle that took place in my life the last time that you visited. So I think I will do that now. 🙂 [Read more…]


God wants me to give each of you my testimony.

I am writing to give you my updates and how good God is. As you know, I have been very with spells of collapsing to which the Doctor’s could not find an answer and blood clots in my lungs and arm to which they at first thought was Pneumonia. I had been to several specialists and they were not completely sure what was causing the syncopse spells. I was a prisoner in my home having to rely on my family members to transport me back and forth to Doctor’s appointments and relying on my husband and kids to clean and do other things for me that I could not do on my own with my house. We were having to rely on Randy’s income and tighten our belts to where they felt they could not be tightened anymore. [Read More…]