Colleen’s Testimony

There are 3, so I’ll start with my Dad. My doctor, who is a family friend and familiar with my Dad’s case, (He actually read his blood work for me, so we could get a more personal opinion that we could trust) said my Dad had 10 times the inflammation in his blood than what he’d normally find in an arthritis patient and that aside from a miracle from God, he didn’t feel his condition would ever change. Dad was having so much joint pain that he would just lay on the couch, because it hurt to do anything else. He had become dependent on steroids and was taking arthritis medicine in addition to that. During his recent visit with his primary care physician, he learned his blood pressure was increasing, (a side effect of the steroids) so instead of taking medication for it, he opted to quit everything. I was wondering how he was ever gonna find out that he was healed and as usual, God had a plan, because yesterday made 8 days since he stopped taking all medication and the debilitating joint pain is completely gone! PRAISE GOD!! I said to Dad, “Well, sounds like a healing”. He agreed!

Mom, who has had a real issue with her cholesterol, received her blood report today and it’s the lowest it’s ever been! It dropped 50 points!

Aunt Shirley, with whom you prayed for over the phone, went to the cardiologist and learned that the blockage in her heart, which 5 years ago was at 50%, had miraculously dropped to 10%!!! I said 10!! The doctor was shocked! He had NEVER seen that happen! She gave God the glory and by the time she left the doctors office, the nurses had given her 4 prayer requests!

My sister and I want to thank you for your obedience and we knew you’d want to hear the results of the move of God. He’s so faithful. I’m so thankful. Hope to see you again soon!

God bless,