Rebecca’s Testimony

God wants me to give each of you my testimony.

I am writing to give you my updates and how good God is. As you know, I have been very with spells of collapsing to which the Doctor’s could not find an answer and blood clots in my lungs and arm to which they at first thought was Pneumonia. I had been to several specialists and they were not completely sure what was causing the syncopse spells. I was a prisoner in my home having to rely on my family members to transport me back and forth to Doctor’s appointments and relying on my husband and kids to clean and do other things for me that I could not do on my own with my house. We were having to rely on Randy’s income and tighten our belts to where they felt they could not be tightened anymore.

All through this ordeal, God was speaking to me about bringing me to a new place that all of these things were happening for a reason and it was for the uplifting of his kingdom. He kept speaking to me about having a music ministry and that my family would be brought in, my kids would have a ministry (in which he spoke to me that Keirstan has the gift of healing- some of you may not believe that, but I have seen many she has prayed for healed), and that everything I had been seeking would come to pass in my life. He would give me scriptures- such as Behold, I am doing a new thing shall ye not know it- I am making a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.

Anyway, to make a long story short, God sent two angels to me (or I felt they were)- Buddy and Veronica McGlothlin to pray with me. They gave me many revelations from God and told me that I had a blood condition and that what was making me sick. They also spoke with me about the ministry God had prepared for me and it was in music and that he also had a women’s ministry prepared for me in which I would be praying with other women and helping them through their trials. Buddy and Veronica told me to claim my healing and know that from that day I would no longer be the same person. They also told me my family would no longer be the same that we would all stand for the Lord together.

Needless to say, my mother took me to church yesterday and I gave this testimony and the Lord gave me the words to say. He spoke that we do not need to fear the gifts of the spirit such as speaking in tongues or healing and to ask for these gifts especially for the children as they need this to make it through the difficult times our nation is in. He also spoke that prosperity is not in our incomes but is in him! He will work out the rest. I had the opportunity to pray in tongues with one boy who came to the altar yesterday morning seeking to be closer with the Lord. We also had two more young men come and give their hearts to God.

I am not saying these things to make anyone feel sorry for me, or build myself up to be a preacher, I am saying these things to help us all to realize that God is so good and loving. He wants us all to rely totally on him. I want to thank each one of you for your continued prayers, calls and love. I do have to go continually to have my blood checked and continually go to the Neurologist. I was seeking a hematologist but since I know I have been healed I am not so sure; I ask for your continued prayers for my life and God’s calling upon it. Veronica said something to me the other day that rang true; when God is calling you to another level with him- you can expect to have turmoil on every side.

Again I love and thank each one of you. Pray for my journey that I may ever do his will.

God Bless,